Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S is for the Senses and writing for them

How to really hook up with your reader? There's the old standby "Show don't tell". And then there's "Write for the FIVE Senses". I like them both, but I tend to forget the five senses.

Writing for the Five Senses is all that and then some. It takes practice and constant awareness to write in a style that acknowledges all five senses, especially touch and smell, but when you can get in that groove it does add another dimension.

Some people learn by listening, others by doing and still others by reading or watching. I think this is true of reads as well. Some are drawn in by strong visual descriptions, others by taste or smell. It can be hard to describe something in any of the five senses, but keeping them all in play as you write, I think makes fiction more immersive and puts something in your work that appeals to all of the reader's tendencies, rather than just one.

So whether it is vivid, thunderous, lemony, chocolaty, or fuzzy add in something that all your readers can relate to with any of their five senses. Who knows? It might stretch your writing muscles as well.

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