Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Habits

Sometimes, rarely, success is a gift to the person receiving it. Call it luck. Like lightning though, the odds of being hit are highly unlikely and almost never in the same place twice. Better to develop a work ethic and rely on that for success instead. While it does not guarantee success, at least it is more consistent.

The "H" word was almost Harlan Coben. He's one of my favorite writers. Reading an interview of him got me thinking about "H" word habit. When asked about his success, he talked mostly about "hard work" involving his back side in a chair every day, with some sort of typing device in front of him. It seems he is also in the habit of writing about things he knows. Like basketball, life in New Jersey, kids, and the suburbs. He does an exceedingly good job. I do wonder though where he knows the sociopath that he based his character "Win" upon. That guy is a load. A load of strange attributes, but paired with Myron they make one of my favorite all-time set of partners.

Nothing fancy today. Habits are simple. I think writers need them, but more important they need to stick with them until the book is done. They then need to be resumed when the next book is started.

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