Friday, February 7, 2014

The First week of authoring

So I'm closing in on the first week of being an author.  So far I've managed a few successes:
  • I uploaded the mobi file to Amazon, seen the listed book complete with thumbnail and info in the Kindle store;
  • I also managed an Authorcentral page, complete with links to my twitter acct, blog and some author pics;
  • I followed that with going through Draft2Digital to get my paddle making book listed on Apple's ecosystem. Specifically, it is now in  the ibookstore, thumbnail, a good sample and the correct list price. Thank you goes to Tara for such fast response to my questions!
  • I am still in process with Xinxii for overseas distribution. Matthias and Patricia are both responding across six or seven time zones as I wade through the best way to do an ISBN for an overseas edition of an ebook.
  • Kobo also has some intriguing overseas retail partners.  
  • Finally today I went ahead and sent my file up to the Barnes & Noble world as well. That was still in process last time I checked.
  • Lastly is an entry in the Goodreads system. Even though I see Goodreads as mainly fiction and my ebook is a tiny slice of business non-fiction, I figured Goodreads is worth a shot.
  • So far so good!

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