Friday, February 28, 2014

Fascinating - to me anyway -interview with Elizabeth Gilbert

I guess I'm one of the three people in the US that hasn't read or seen Eat Pray Love. But a few months back, I was driving along listening to WI Public Radio and this show was on and I started listening and it was riveting. As in really really interesting. Turns out that it was an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love, who now has a new book, The Signature of All Things. I did something for a first time while I listened to that show. I got my phone out and used the voice recorder for the first time to remind myself of this author and this interview. Last night in a dark freezing Janesville parking lot at midnight, I was waiting for my wife to arrive on a Van Galder bus, which by the way is the ONLY way to go to O'Hare from Madison. If you're into stress free driving thru congestion that is. The bus is late. Construction issues. Way late and I am bored stiff. So I get out my phone and happen to open that voice recorder app and shazam! there's that note about E.G.'s awesome 45 North interview with Anne Strainchamps. So I sat there in the dark of a cold midnight Jville bus lot and happily listened to the podcast of the interview. First one I have ever downloaded. Here it is - Elizabeth Gilbert talk go have a listen. Good stuff! I'm a new fan of the author. Her perspective on things like women in literature, and story types makes for a great listen!

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