Monday, February 3, 2014

reading on mobile devices

Over the past few months I have really enjoyed the breadth and depth of content on Joel Friedlander's site, Recently I was lucky enough to write a guest article that he posted on his site. The topic was evaluating an epub file on mobile devices.  Here's the article. I also hope you'll spend a few minutes browsing through his stack. It's pretty tall. I think I read that there's something like 1200+ (it might be 12,000+) articles on the site.  I'll bet you could get a Master's degree from the content alone that you'll find on his site.

Each month he does a cover image review, in which he posts the ebook cover images that readers have submitted of their book covers. He then evaluates each image and offers his viewpoint on the strengths and weaknesses of each cover. A huge learning tool if you are into book covers, or business communication imagery in general.

I hope you'll click the links above and spend some time on theBookDesigner site. It's a great space for book-centric content!

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